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CFTC Precision(JiaXing) Limited established in 2002, and it is located at No.1, TianShanRoad, HuiMin Bolck, JiaShan County, ZheJiang Provinvce. CFTC specializes in harddisk drive VCM yoke, electronic components, automobile precision parts andmotorbike components, including fine blanking, stamping and over moldingcomponents. Since CFTC was established, customers have the confidence with ouradvanced production equipment, satisfied after-sales services, proven volumeproduction experience in manufacturing, and high quality products.'CFTC', as abrand name, it has already wined customer loyalty. Customer satisfies with CFTC quality.

       Inthe future, we will continue to provideproducts and service to meet and fulfill customer requirement.CFTC’s goal isto become one of the best worldwide leaders in fine-blanking industry by makingendless efforts.

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